Get It Beauty 2015 Cleansing Episode English Subtitles/Transcription 8/26/2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get It Beauty 2015 Cleansing 8/26 Episode English Transcription / Subtitles / Subs / Subbed / Transcribed. Part 1 - The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing    Part 2: Kim Su Bin Makeup Artist's Secret Waterless Cleansing Method,  Korean cleansing bubble makers, Korean bubble makers, special guest Cheetah

It looks like it's cleansing week here at the blog. I reviewed all five of my current cleansers a few days ago hereGet It Beauty, a Korean network television show about beauty ALSO did their Cleansing Special this week. Get It Beauty is no longer subbed in English, so I thought I'd transcribe some choice bits. I split the episode into 3 parts for easy viewing. Enjoy!

Part A - The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing: Picking out Audience Members with Problematic Cleansing Methods

Part B - The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing: Observe, Report and Correct

Part C- Kim Su Bin Makeup Artist's Secret Waterless Cleansing Method

Part A - The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing: Picking out Audience Members with Problematic Cleansing Methods

5:30 to 5:45
Special guests Dermatologist Yim Yi Suk, Makeup Artist Kim Su Bin

6:30 to 7:00
Kim Su Bin MUA People who don't cleanse well can get foundation and other makeup stuck in their pores, which could eventually lead to discoloration. This is why it's important to cleanse well

7:00 to 7:35
Yim Yi Suk Derm It's possible for people to end up having to visit the hospital (very common to just pop by the hospital in Korea, different health care systems y'all) if things get really bad. People come to me thinking their lotions and creams are breaking them out, but the real issue in many cases, is actually their cleansing product(s) and their cleansing method. Especially for those with sensitive skin. Done wrongly, and the skin can get irritated, flushed, and more keratinized. It can also cause more pimples. Shows pictures. Lee Hanui host is flustered. The caption on the photos is "the side effects of cleansing"

8:05 to 8:30
Host to audience I hope you haven't forgotten, we asked you to send videos of yourselves cleansing at home. We will have the doctor and make up artist take a look and weed out those who are most problematic to shame them and love them, love them and shame them

9:03 to 9:45 
audience members cleansing video montage, extra horror when the italy towel / exfoliating cloth appears

9:45 to 12:00
experts watch videos to extract the problematic cleansers out of the audience, like little pesky pimples
Yim Yi Suk Derm Kim Su Bin MUA We are checking to see if they're using the products correctly, how long they're cleansing for, whether the cleansing products they've chosen match their skin type. A little shock and awe at 10:12 when the girl uses cooking oils as a first cleanser. Yim Yi Suk Derm Keep the cooking oils in the kitchen please. A little wincing from Kim Su Bin MUA at 10:37 when audience member rips off her false lashes.  Kim Su Bin MUA Another audience member is reversing the order of cleansing. She doesn't remove her eye makeup first. If she keeps doing this, it could result in discoloration. At 11:00 someone uses a first cleanser (cleansing cream) and rinses with only water. Yim Yi Suk Derm Water doesn't remove cream that well. This could lead to folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles). At 11:17 someone is rinsing for over 5 minutes. Kim Su Bin MUA She's massaging the cleanser into her skin as if it is a foundation. She's not really cleansing. Shock and awe at 11:33 when the italy towel / exfoliating cloth comes out. Yim Yi Suk Derm I'd be interested to see what happens to her skin in a few years.
The experts grade the audience members on a scale of 1 to 15.
Yim Yi Suk Derm I want to show them how much they've ruined their skin, and how enlarged their pores have gotten. There are many problematic cleansers in the audience, but we've picked out the four worst offenders. Audience looks ashamed. 

12:40 to 13:00

The experts have picked
Girl 1 - cooking oils girl
Girl 2 - "I only use a bar of natural soap" girl
Girl 3 - "I only use a foaming cleanser" girl
Girl 4 - the italy towel / exfoliating cloth girl
for the dubious honor of cleansing in front of a studio audience to have their cleansing methods observed, reported on, and corrected by the expert panel.

Part B - The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing: Observe, Report and Correct

13:28 to 15:25 Self-Introductions
Girl 1 cooking oils girl I started doing this because someone in her 50's was on T.V. She looked really young, and she said this was her secret. I used to use cleansing oils, but they stung when they got in my eyes. I started using the cooking oils, and my eyes stopped stinging. She should be here instead of me!
Girl 2 only natural soap girl I only use soap. I think I'm here because it's too simple of a method.
Girl 3 only foaming cleanser girl I only use a foam cleanser, even though I wear eye makeup. It seems like I get it all off though, I guess I was wrong. Trails off...
Girl 4 the italy towel/ exfoliating cloth girl I think I'm up here because I use the exfoliating cloths, the ones you get from the public baths, on my face. I started to use it to exfoliate to smooth down my skin. I felt like it suited my skin, but the dermatologist looked shocked. LAWLS says the audience. Yim Yi Suk Derm LAWLS.

17:16 to 23:03 Observe
Host to girls Let's see you guys cleanse.
Host to girl 1, cooking oils girl You started off wetting your face with water, even though you have makeup on, didn't you? This creates a barrier between you and the cleansing oil or balm you are trying to use to melt the makeup off, since water and oil don't mix.
Host to girl 4,  the italy towel/ exfoliating cloth girl You look like you cleanse the right way, up until the end of course. hahaha.
Host to girl 3, only foaming cleanser girl You're using the foam cleanser to remove the makeup, but the makeup's still on. You still look pretty! Haha. How long do you cleanse for? Girl 3 20 seconds? Host Be honest, you're exaggerating a bit right? Girl 3 A little.
Host to girl 2, only natural soap girl Which soap are you using? Girl 2 It's houttuynia cordata (herb) soap. Host Oh I love this too. We drink this, and apply it to the skin sometimes. I heard it's good for the skin. Girl 2 I have atopic dermatitis and someone told me this would be good for my sensitive skin. Yim Yi Suk Derm If it fit's with your skin, it is okay to use (assumption made that the soap is not too alkaline).
Host to girl 1, cooking oils girl You're using an electric cleansing brush? Girl 1 Yes, I use it because I feel it gets everything out of my pores. Don't you think it would get the oil out too?
Host about girl 4, the italy towel/exfoliating cloth girl She seems normal still. She used a cleansing oil and a foam cleanser afterwards. What's this? You're cleansing for a third time? Girl 4 Yes. I foam cleanse twice. Host It looks like that could cause some irritation for you. Yim Yi Suk Derm Her skin is turning a bit red.
Host to girl 2 only foaming cleanser girl It's so funny that you're using only a foam cleanser but it's taking as long as those who cleanse two or three times. Other Host Actually I think she's doing it for show. She doesn't actually cleanse for that long irl. HAHAHA LMAO
22:12 The italy towel / exfoliating cloth appears to ominous music. 
Girl 4, the italy towel/exfoliating cloth girl I just use it around the corners of my nose and mouth, and up on my T-zone. Host It looks like it hurts!

23:40 Report on Girl 1's Skin State (cooking oil + foam cleanser + electric cleansing brush method)
Kim Su Bin MUA I'm just going to take some micellar water on a cotton pad and check to see if it swipes clean. Girl 1 did a good job, even though she uses the cooking oil. Her second cleanser and cleansing brush seems to have gotten rid of it well, or so it seems to my naked eye. I'm also going to check to see if there is any eye makeup residue with a q-tip. Host Could eye makeup residue lead to discoloration?" Yim Yi Suk Derm Not permanently, unless there was some impairment to the skin already. In that case, I'd say... potentially. DUN DUN DUN. There is eye makeup residue.
Host WHOA, after the oil, the foam, and the cleansing brush? MAP-SO-SAH (couldn't be!)
Yim Yi Suk Derm goes in with his future device / skin analyzer
I'm going to check the state of the pores, the dead skin cells, and the general health of the skin. It looks like there are some closed comedones. This tends to happen to those with oily skin since their skin naturally secretes a lot of sebum. If you use cooking oils though, you could end up blocking the pores. If you keep doing this, you could get more closed comedones, redness, and pigmentation. Host It's odd because it doesn't seem to be that bad for the skin to use these cooking oils, but actually, now that I think about it, when you apply oil to the skin and try to rinse it off with water, there is no emulsification, which is why it is so different from using actual cleansing oils.

26:25 Report on Girl 2's Skin State (only natural soap, sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis)
Kim Su Bin MUA There's still makeup left on her jawline and under her chin. It's easy to forget these areas. She also has some closed comedones. Also, I noticed she was cleansing a lot on the center of her face, but she should have focused a bit more around the edges. This would have been a more effective cleansing method for her.
Yim Yi Suk Derm She has a lot of enlarged blood vessels. Can you see them? They're the red dots. Host How does that happen? Yim Yi Suk Derm It could have been that way already, but if you keep irritating the skin, the blood vessels can get enlarged. Remember, just because you rub/abrade the skin roughly, does not mean you're washing it effectively. It also looks like her cleanser isn't suiting her skin well. To test cleansers, you can patch test on a small patch of skin in a less visible area, like by the ear. If it doesn't break you out and you don't feel any itching, it's likely you can use it.

28:00 Report on Girl 3's Skin State (only foam cleanser)
Yim Yi Suk Derm It looks like your pores are enlarged, and there's a lot of makeup residue left over (black dots). Let's look around the eyes. Clucks. Oooh can you see? It's really dry. You can see the blood vessels are enlarged, and it looks a bit like dermatitis. Host I keep looking at this picture and thinking of my dry elbows. HAHAHA. Yim Yi Suk Derm If you keep rubbing the same area, you can cause irritation, increase dead skin cells (? please correct me if I misunderstood this part and mis-translated it), and enlarge the appearance of your blood vessels.

29:00 Report on Girl 4's Skin State (oil cleanser, foam cleanser twice, italy towel/exfoliating cloth)
Yim Yi Suk Derm Do you see how red she is? Let's check with my doohickey.  GASPS and pity when the up-close photo of her skin is displayed. Do you see the enlarged blood vessels? They're everywhere! It's so red.... She's overexfoliated. If it gets more serious, she'll start to get itchy and experience a stinging sensation. When this happens DON'T EVER irritate the skin any further. Don't exfoliate, don't go for a scaling procedure. Actually you shouldn't even use whitening skincare products when this happens. This was the person that had exfoliated with the towel and if I remember correctly she cleansed three times? You could ruin your skin that way.
Kim Su Bin MUA OK time for the eye makeup test. Yes, there's residue. REACTIONS from Hosts and Audience like wtf? HOW does this make sense? It looks like you're going to have to cleanse the residue off her face yet again for a fourth time! Please be gentle, teach. Kim Su Bin MUA Unfortunately yes. I'll be gentle. She's 21 (in Korean years, in the U.S. she would be 20) so from now on she can learn to treat her skin better. Had she not come on the show today, she could have used the exfoliating cloth until she turned 40. lulz. There was still a lot of makeup residue surprisingly enough. It seems she uses a lot of cleansing products, but not effectively. kkeudduk kkeudduk <-sound of Korean heads nodding.

Part C- Kim Su Bin Makeup Artist's Secret Waterless Cleansing Method

Kim Su Bin MUA then proceeds to demonstrate her not so secret anymore waterless cleansing method on the special guest, rapper Cheetah (lady with the fierce ass makeup and leopard print headband) with some surprise tools.

PREP Remember to wash your hands first. Spritzes Cheetah's face with a mist made out of cleansing water.
REMOVE MAKEUP She uses a lip and eye makeup remover that's been stored in an empty mascara tube. WHAT is this ingenuity. She then swipes the makeup remover (from a regular bottle) over Cheetah's eyes and lips. Admonition to soak the cotton pad all the way through with the makeup remover, or the cotton wisps could get stuck in one's eyelashes and skin. Kim Su Bin MUA Don't rub or you could get wrinkles. Do the eyelids first, and remove the eyelashes last. You're loosening them with the makeup remover first so you don't lose eyelashes when you rip them off.
CLEANSING WATER Next she wraps a cotton ball around a q-tip to make GIANT Q-TIPS. She says you can wrap it around your finger as well. It's a bigger surface area so it's much gentler. Use the cleansing water on the KING Q-TIP (sounds like a new Kendrick Lamar song doesn't it.) Cheetah says it feels soft.
OIL-BASED CLEANSER Choose a first cleanser. It can be an oil, a gel, a balm. Most people use oils now but if that doesn't suit your skin, try a balm or gel. Use more than you think you need. If you don't use enough, you could cause friction on your skin with your fingerpads which causes irritation. Use your fingers and not your palms in this step. Loosen up all tension in the fingers. Move them in quick little circles with no tension. They make fun of the black residue on her face from her makeup. 
CLEANSING WATER ONCE MORE ON COSMETIC COTTON PADS She pulls out these huge cosmetic cotton papers with little mesh holes in it. It's incredibly gentle. It's softer than a tissue. She sprays it with cleansing water and then wipes down Cheetah's face softly. Wipe from the center of your face, outwards.
Host OK so now you should rinse with water right?
Kim Su Bin MUA Nah, I'm not going to rinse her. I skip rinsing her face because cleansing waters don't need to be rinsed. They serve as a step with skincare benefits.
LIGHT EXFOLIATION I have these little cotton pads with exfoliating nubs on them. You can buy these now. Spritz them with cleansing water and softly (sal sal sal) go around her face one last time, especially around the corners of the nose. Be gentle!
TONER After cleansing, take two cotton rounds and wet them through with toner. Put them on the apples of your cheeks (what they refer to as the apple zone of the face) for 1 minute. Make sure to remove them before they dry out. This is kind of like a sheet mask, but not quite.


Jolse carries the bubble makers / soap foaming nets shown at 34:00 I didn't transcribe this part. There was nothing too interesting going on.

These are great because they can make your cleansers foam like konjac sponges, but don't require replacing as often since they can be washed and sterilized.

Missha make one.
Aritaum make one.

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So, did you learn something new? Were you committing any of these cleansing sins? Will you give waterless cleansing a go?

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